Nobody wants to be poor and this is why everyone strives to lay their hands on something that would assist them financially.

However, this does not eliminate the fact that some people are still poor and they need help. For some, they do not know how to go about making wealth and this is the reason why they are poor.

There are various reasons why people are poor. One of them is lack of initiative; not everyone knows the right thing to do, and that is why they remain stranded financially. It is important that people like this are assisted to strategize and plan effectively.

People are also poor because of little or no education. To an extent, having education helps to open your eyes and increases your network. Having education tends to take you away from the poverty realm.

In fighting poverty, one of the efficient means to achieving this is the use of T-shirts. T-shirts are essential because of their ability to convey important messages in few words. When people look at a T-shirt, they are usually interested in checking out the inscription on the T-shirt.

This is why these T-shirts need to have a superb design with few catchy words that would capture the interest of potential readers, and leave a permanent impression in their minds. In addition, the caption should be centered around the theme of interest, which is poverty in this case.

People who are poor need to know that there is no need wallowing in their situation, the only way out is to help themselves. In advocating against poverty, people need to also proffer solutions that would help others fight against poverty.

Fighting against this disease is a concerted effort by both the well-to-do in the society and the poor. With cooperation, it would be easy to fight this scourge. T-shirts are proficient in fighting poverty and it is an untapped gold mine which needs to be exploited fully.

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