T-Shirts for Animal Rights

animal rightsA demographic of people have been fighting for animal rights for many years, but we still have a long way to come as a society before animals are as protected as they should be. There is an antiquated view of animals as mattering less than people. While it is widely understood that humans possess more intelligence than animals, animals have been found to possess a consciousness like humans do, as well as the desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, like humans do. This means we have much more in common with animals than we previously understood, and it is only logical that animals should enjoy freedom and protection like humans do.

Sadly, this is not the view held by many individuals or cultures in the world. There are many people who have not been exposed to or choose to ignore the information that is available about animal’s intelligence, consciousness and emotional capacity. They continue to treat animals with cruelty or use them as an unethical food source. It is up to those who understand the need to protect animals to influence those who do not understand. This presents a challenge, but it is possible to get the needs of animals recognized. Some people choose to become vegetarian to protect animals from being a food source. Others choose to only eat ethically collected or slaughtered animal products. Others lobby and campaign for animal’s rights internationally and personally watch for the mistreatment of animals.

Spreading the word about animal rights is just as important as actively protecting animals because the ignorance and unawareness of this problem is staggering. Even people who love animals often have no idea that they are supporting practices that harm animals. Information needs to be shared, through a variety of means. First of all, expressing your views is critical to communicating them. Sharing your views through your clothing, such as a socially active T-shirt, is often very effective at spreading information to others. Your apparel speaks volumes and you can make a difference by advertising your cause on your T-shirt. Make your views known through bumper stickers, social media and other platforms as well.