Nobody wants to be poor and this is why everyone strives to lay their hands on something that would assist them financially.

However, this does not eliminate the fact that some people are still poor and they need help. For some, they do not know how to go about making wealth and this is the reason why they are poor.

There are various reasons why people are poor. One of them is lack of initiative; not everyone knows the right thing to do, and that is why they remain stranded financially. It is important that people like this are assisted to strategize and plan effectively.

People are also poor because of little or no education. To an extent, having education helps to open your eyes and increases your network. Having education tends to take you away from the poverty realm.

In fighting poverty, one of the efficient means to achieving this is the use of T-shirts. T-shirts are essential because of their ability to convey important messages in few words. When people look at a T-shirt, they are usually interested in checking out the inscription on the T-shirt.

This is why these T-shirts need to have a superb design with few catchy words that would capture the interest of potential readers, and leave a permanent impression in their minds. In addition, the caption should be centered around the theme of interest, which is poverty in this case.

People who are poor need to know that there is no need wallowing in their situation, the only way out is to help themselves. In advocating against poverty, people need to also proffer solutions that would help others fight against poverty.

Fighting against this disease is a concerted effort by both the well-to-do in the society and the poor. With cooperation, it would be easy to fight this scourge. T-shirts are proficient in fighting poverty and it is an untapped gold mine which needs to be exploited fully.


Addiction is a compulsive and obsessive disease of the brain that has the capacity to wreak havoc on an individual.

Addiction is the end-result of a full-blown period of abuse, which could either be substance abuse or behavioral abuse. This implies that addiction can easily be stopped when it is in the abuse stage.

One of the reasons why addiction is on the increase is because, a good number of people are not aware that they are addicted. That is why they would not readily accept that they have an addiction problem even though it is glaring.

Using T-shirts to fight addiction is one of the most proficient measures to put in place. One reason why T-shirts are great is the fact that, everyone would get to see them. Moreso, provided the texts are bold and succinct enough, it would be visible to everyone.

To make things more innovative and fantastic, people could decide to print loads of T-shirts and do a parade round a city or town, informing people about the ills of addiction. This would go a long way in spreading the adverse effects of addiction.

When people are reminded of something negative, on a daily basis, they begin to lose interest gradually. While campaigns like these are ongoing, it is imperative for people to understand the true meaning of addiction. They should be able to see it for what it is, and confirm if they are addicted themselves.

It is also important that media houses join in the fight against addiction. When they convey the messages via media outlets, they would be able to reach a wider audience.

T-shirts for fighting addiction is one of the most proficient means to volunteering, because it conveys a clear message. All the T-shirts should have various attractive captions that are sending a clear-cut message. And the amazing part about all these is, these shirts can be worn for as long as possible.


Unemployment is a condition whereby people who are able to work, cannot find a job. It is basically the state of being whereby there is no work, and the individual is looking for work. In our world today, unemployment is a factor which is mainstream in many countries.

Each year, many youths leave college or university with the intent and hope of landing a job, and eventually they do not get.

Now, in a good number of cases, it does not mean that the individual does not have the necessary capacity to work, or the needed skills.

It could be that the jobs which are available, are not enough for the ever-increasing population. Hence, a good number of people in this category, have taking to creating jobs for themselves, therefore referring to themselves as entrepreneurs.

Some people who regard themselves as entrepreneurs do not usually last in business, based on the fact that they do not have the necessary capacity to meet the demands of the tough business world. Hence, in the shortest possible time, they are back in the labour market seeking a job.

In a country where jobs are very scarce, and a good percentage of the populace do not have work on their hands, you can be sure that there would be an increase in social vices. There would be violence, theft, substance abuse and the likes. This is why there needs to be an increased awareness on why more jobs should be created.

Using T-shirts to make this awareness is a very good move. People who usually come up with this initiative are of the opinion that the text on the T-shirt would send a direct message to anyone who reads it.

Hence, this is why it is essential that in using T-shirts to fight unemployment, the text on the T-shirt needs to be in big, direct and in bold fonts so that people would get its meaning instantly.

In addition to this, there is a very strong possibility that such awareness like this would hit notable social media platforms and various blogs. Hence, you can be sure that the government of such nation, would see what it going on, and make attempts to salvage the situation, because other countries are watching, and it could affect international relations.


These days, rape has evolved to be a culture which is totally unacceptable, as men of all races, classes and ages have contributed to this disease which is known to be a stigma on the victims.

There have been different fights against rape, and it has taken different forms which is very commendable. On the social media for instance, you would see various hashtags from time to time, which talks about the movement against rape.

Also, some have taken to using T-shirts as a means to combat rape, and it has been seen to have its benefits.

Below are the reasons why T-shirts are effective in fighting rape:

  • It teaches children about the gravity of rape: Using T-shirts which expresses utter contempt about hate, tells children that it is something which is not acceptable in the society. Furthermore, young boys would be taught about the gravity of rape, and why there is something known as sexual consent.
  • The media helps in publicizing it: Every now and then, whenever people take to the roads, in a fight against drug abuse or any social vice, the media is known for further publicizing them. The same applies to T-shirts against rape. You can be sure that everyone who is online would get to see it.
  • It encourages people not to be onlookers: Wearing a T-shirts which talks about fighting rape, suggests that we should not be onlookers alone. Rather, we should lend our voices together, in order to ensure that we fight against this menace, which affects young girls and women alike. Hence, when almost everyone seems to be participating, we can be sure that the rate of rape would reduce drastically, and possibly end.
  • It helps in creating policies: When people are not happy concerning an ongoing problem, and their complaint has gone on for a long time, the government of the nation would be encouraged to create policies which would stand in their favour.
  • It assists big organizations who are fighting against rape: Certainly, there are organizations who are fighting against rape, and when they see that a fewer group of people are showing their commitment in ending rape, they would be motivated. They would also feel encouraged to offer their own form of support in return.

T-Shirts For Fighting Illiteracy

First and foremost illiteracy is defined as “the inability to read and write”, and “the lack of knowledge in a particular subject”. However, it is oftentimes used wrongfully, as people who are unable to do these tasks, which are seen as “simple skills” in the eyes of the public, are deemed as stupid. For, a number of individuals who have received an education that has been easily accessible to them, struggle to empathize with others who haven’t been as privileged to do so.

In turn, there are several locations throughout today’s world where some kids will never have the opportunity to read or write, or to gain the knowledge-and/or news-that is so easily accessible to some through the click of a browser-or through push notifications. For, some do not have the resources it takes to be able to engage in that of the world around them, but unfortunately this is a sad truth that some fail to comprehend, but instead close their eyes to.

In addition, it is not only kids that face illiteracy, but adults as well, as some even go to great lengths to hide it, due to feelings of embarrassment or shame. They fear, but are oftentimes right in doing so, because when they try and speak out, and/or trust/confide in others, they are shamed or dehumanized due to their undeveloped skills. But this is a topic that is frequently overlooked as people fail to see how these humans-who are just as valued, and important as them-got to that spot in the first place.

Yet many factors pin point to such, which are listed as follows; “having parents with little schooling, lack of books at home and lack of reading stimulation as a child, dropping out of school, difficult living conditions including poverty, and learning disabilities, they are unable to get books, etc.” These circumstances do not only take place in children, but adults as well.

In conclusion, this is a problem where such individuals who may have missed out earlier in life must be taught-with a helpful approach-rather than with judgement, hate, and/or even shame. But, in order to do that, people must first be literate in regards to the situation itself which can be done through illustrating their activism. A T-shirt with a simple message in regards to the issue can do just that, as it can impact others. As a result, this can drive others, and spark a desire within them to make a change in that of a devastating cause.

T-Shirts For Fighting Substance Abuse

In today’s society, one may find himself/herself surrounded by a number of strangers, but with each one comes something different. For, there are several that he/she will cross paths with, but know very little about. Unfortunately, this leaves those struggling with substance abuse feeling outcasted and alone. Not only that, but people who experience addiction, may experience discomfort at the thought of speaking to someone, and/or asking for help, due to a desensitized society, which may dehumanize the individual, due to his/her consumption-whether it be of drugs, alcohol, or both.

First and foremost is substance abuse through drugs, where many fail to displace the addict from that of his/her addiction, but instead oftentimes place full blame on the person, with a “he/she put himself/herself into that situation” mentality. Consequently, by doing so, the addict is seen as who he/she is presently, rather than where he/she has been, and/or what he/she might have been through to get to that point. For, there are a variety of triggers/factors that may play a key part in the person’s addiction. An example of this can be seen if an individual is being drugged against her will by that of her predator. The most common occurrence of such is through human trafficking where, “The victims are threatened physically and in many cases are made addicted to drugs or some other kind of dependency to keep them under the control of their ‘owners.’”

Second is substance abuse through alcohol, where one can function like that of a non-addict, the more that he/she consumes. For, his/her body weight may play a key role in this, as well as how much he/she has consumed, because the more that he/she drinks, the more accustomed he/she might become to his/her behavior. It is then that denial may set in, and/or the addict may see himself/herself as having “no problem at all”. But even then, such engagement, whether it be in drugs, alcohol, or both can cause one to lose his/her sense of reality, sense of self, and sever his/her connection with the people that surround him/her.

In conclusion, even though this is a prolonged issue which has swept over the entire globe, there is still hope, if one takes a stand, by making an effort to show those that are struggling with addiction that they are cared for. As a result, A T-shirt is a great way for one to illustrate his/her activism because even the simplest of messages can help influence others to make a different, while showing those who struggle with substance abuse, that they haven’t been forgotten.