Unemployment is a condition whereby people who are able to work, cannot find a job. It is basically the state of being whereby there is no work, and the individual is looking for work. In our world today, unemployment is a factor which is mainstream in many countries.

Each year, many youths leave college or university with the intent and hope of landing a job, and eventually they do not get.

Now, in a good number of cases, it does not mean that the individual does not have the necessary capacity to work, or the needed skills.

It could be that the jobs which are available, are not enough for the ever-increasing population. Hence, a good number of people in this category, have taking to creating jobs for themselves, therefore referring to themselves as entrepreneurs.

Some people who regard themselves as entrepreneurs do not usually last in business, based on the fact that they do not have the necessary capacity to meet the demands of the tough business world. Hence, in the shortest possible time, they are back in the labour market seeking a job.

In a country where jobs are very scarce, and a good percentage of the populace do not have work on their hands, you can be sure that there would be an increase in social vices. There would be violence, theft, substance abuse and the likes. This is why there needs to be an increased awareness on why more jobs should be created.

Using T-shirts to make this awareness is a very good move. People who usually come up with this initiative are of the opinion that the text on the T-shirt would send a direct message to anyone who reads it.

Hence, this is why it is essential that in using T-shirts to fight unemployment, the text on the T-shirt needs to be in big, direct and in bold fonts so that people would get its meaning instantly.

In addition to this, there is a very strong possibility that such awareness like this would hit notable social media platforms and various blogs. Hence, you can be sure that the government of such nation, would see what it going on, and make attempts to salvage the situation, because other countries are watching, and it could affect international relations.

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