T-Shirts for Fighting Mental Health Stigmas

fight mental health stigmas

There is a lot of talk about mental health stigmas in the media, but many people are unfamiliar with what they are. We are essentially all familiar with the term “mental disorder” or “mental illness” to describe conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and bipolar disorder. But the cultural and social ramifications of being diagnosed with one of these disorders is where mental health stigmas come from. Just like physical disease is concerned, it is considered undesirable to be diagnosed with a mental disorder because it means you have life struggles that other people do not have. This dislike for being associated with a mental disorder sweeps it under the rug and makes it taboo to discuss.

This, unfortunately, is very harmful to people who are struggling with mental disorders because it sends them a clear message that they are unwanted and should keep their disorder hidden if they hope to fit into society. For a person who is already struggling with mental hardships which frequently include low self esteem and insecurity, this can be devastating. It causes feelings of rejection as well as forces the person to be false about their mental state, cutting them off from necessary support. This puts them at a higher risk of acting out, which can include self destructive and even suicidal behavior. With mental disorders affecting every third person in the United States and Canada, it is very important that mental health stigmas become a thing of the past. Stigmas also keep people in need of mental health treatment from reaching out for help. A person may have a legitimate need for the help of mental disorder counseling, psych ward services or alcohol treatment centers, but they never receive it.

In order to battle mental health stigmas, we need to first make them a matter of public conversation and address them as a society. To make them a matter of public conversation, we need to lift the veil from them and initiate conversations about them. This can be accomplished by advertising the need for it on T-shirts, reading material, bumper stickers and other campaign methods. A simple T-shirt that states a clear need to do away with mental healthstigmas can be all it takes to plant a seed of change in someone’s mind for good.

T-Shirts for Fighting World Hunger

fight world hunger

World hunger problems continue to be the greatest health threat to the global population. In developing nations, hunger problems have become an epidemic, and are directly tied to the poverty level of the region. Starvation occurs in mass numbers, and malnutrition contributes to an innumerable amount of health problems such as skeletal development issues, metabolism problems, organ failure and many more. Conquering the world hunger epidemic should be a top priority to everyone who has any kind of humanitarian in them.

It is common to see pictures of starving children or seniors in other countries and feel unable to help in anyway because there is so much distance between your own culture and theirs. However, there are ways of making useful contributions to the fight on world hunger, even as an American or a Canadian. If you are unable to mobilize and offer help in person, you can make contributions to a charity organization that is on the ground in the region you want to assist. Just be sure to do some research and choose a charitable organization of repute because there are scam artists marauding as charities. Better yet, if you have the option of traveling freely, you should volunteer your labor in a peace corps that works to fight world hunger. Such organizations are often in need of capable volunteers that are willing to lift their roots.

In order to create publicity for the efforts to end world hunger, advertise your cause in the form of social media posts, bumper stickers and T-shirts in order to campaign. A T-shirt is particularly effective as it is one of the most personal forms of expression there is. Anything you wear on your person declares a strong personal interest and level of investment on your part. If you want others to join your cause, be liberal in expressing yourself and wear a T-shirt declaring ‘End World Hunger.’

T-Shirts for Fighting Environmental Destruction

fight environmental destruction

Environmental destruction has been an important conversation over the past few decades. Much of the world is choosing to turn a blind eye to environmental destruction, but those who are educated with accurate information and choose not to fall victim to bias understand that it is a critical situation. Environmental destruction, in the form of green house gases, carbon emissions, pollution and toxicity are responsible for rising global temperatures, species extinctions and disease across the globe. If we do not reverse the trend of environmental destruction that is sweeping the planet, earth could become unlivable to all species, including ourselves.

The best way to help this problem is by becoming active. There are many things you can do to change your own lifestyle that will positively impact the global environmental crisis, as well as making your opinions heard to lawmakers and legislators who can affect widespread environmental policies. Personally, things you can do to help the environment are recycle, compost, grow your own food, buy food that is certified to be ethical, sustainable, local and organic, ride a bike or walk instead of driving a car, retrofit your home for sustainable energy usage and actively conserve energy and power in your home.

Be sure to communicate your message of hope to others in a variety of methods. A T-shirt advertising your environmentalism is a great way to spread the word, start conversations and get others on board. An activist T-shirt is something that can go with you anywhere and leave an impression on a variety of people. In doing so, you will make your own stance on environmentalism clear as well as make others think and come to conclusions on their personal stances. Many people are on the cusp of change but have not taken the plunge yet. They need the examples that other people set in order to commit. Be part of the change you want to see in the world and get the word out about environmentalism!

T-Shirts for Fighting Poverty

fight poverty

Poverty continues to be a global epidemic in developing nations, as well as in first and second world nations. Though poverty may have different appearances in different parts of the world, it is undoubtedly present in every country. The parts of the world that contain the most poverty are Africa, South Asia and South America. These are the regions in which poverty is most widespread and significant, but there are many other regions of the world that have deplorable poverty conditions. Anyone who is able to help certainly should help.

It mystifies even the best of social scientists that some nations can have so much wealth while others have next to nothing. In poverty stricken regions, one can see small children digging through trash and swimming through sewage to retrieve things that might be of value. There are shanty towns with no electricity or running water and its residents have very little to eat or drink. It is a tragedy that such a high percentage of global citizens still live in these conditions, but there are measures that can be taken to help. There are many reputable charitable organizations that provide impoverished people with necessities such as clothes, shoes, food, water, school supplies and blankets. Frequently, you are able to donate money for the items or the items themselves.

Poverty is a very serious epidemic that needs to be fought vehemently. Activism is vital to this movement. We cannot afford to stay silent about this situation. Be sure to share your views on world hunger through personal statements such as T-shirts. The statement your clothes make have an effect on people. We can all recall a memorable T-shirt that stood out in our minds and had an impact on us. Your clothing can be part of your activism, and there are a number of creative styles to choose from. Ignite activism in your community today by expressing yourself!