T-Shirts For Fighting Substance Abuse

In today’s society, one may find himself/herself surrounded by a number of strangers, but with each one comes something different. For, there are several that he/she will cross paths with, but know very little about. Unfortunately, this leaves those struggling with substance abuse feeling outcasted and alone. Not only that, but people who experience addiction, may experience discomfort at the thought of speaking to someone, and/or asking for help, due to a desensitized society, which may dehumanize the individual, due to his/her consumption-whether it be of drugs, alcohol, or both.

First and foremost is substance abuse through drugs, where many fail to displace the addict from that of his/her addiction, but instead oftentimes place full blame on the person, with a “he/she put himself/herself into that situation” mentality. Consequently, by doing so, the addict is seen as who he/she is presently, rather than where he/she has been, and/or what he/she might have been through to get to that point. For, there are a variety of triggers/factors that may play a key part in the person’s addiction. An example of this can be seen if an individual is being drugged against her will by that of her predator. The most common occurrence of such is through human trafficking where, “The victims are threatened physically and in many cases are made addicted to drugs or some other kind of dependency to keep them under the control of their ‘owners.’”

Second is substance abuse through alcohol, where one can function like that of a non-addict, the more that he/she consumes. For, his/her body weight may play a key role in this, as well as how much he/she has consumed, because the more that he/she drinks, the more accustomed he/she might become to his/her behavior. It is then that denial may set in, and/or the addict may see himself/herself as having “no problem at all”. But even then, such engagement, whether it be in drugs, alcohol, or both can cause one to lose his/her sense of reality, sense of self, and sever his/her connection with the people that surround him/her.

In conclusion, even though this is a prolonged issue which has swept over the entire globe, there is still hope, if one takes a stand, by making an effort to show those that are struggling with addiction that they are cared for. As a result, A T-shirt is a great way for one to illustrate his/her activism because even the simplest of messages can help influence others to make a different, while showing those who struggle with substance abuse, that they haven’t been forgotten.

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